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The classic clock by IKEAI love SPYMAC!
I’m addicted to Blog!!

Except one thing… the time is not for HK. I have to do simple arithmetic to get the right time.

Just a reminder: please add 14 hours to the time for my local time, my friends. Yeah, I won’t blog in office at 03:00!



PaPa, Leo & I are having ice-cream in McDonald'sHalf day off!

Pa Pa, brother & I go to chinese restaurant this afternoon to have tea & dim sum. We enjoy this surprised lunch meeting.

We have ice-cream from McDonald then. I take the snapshot to give a chance Ma Ma to feel jealious.



The silent Lion Rock under TyphoonTyphoon signal 8 is hosted finally.

This morning, I wake up really late. I phone my boss I’ll try my best to rush back to office. Just after washing my face, my brother calls me. He tells me The Observatory is going to host signal 8 on or before 11:45. Wah!!! I call my boss again, and he says I don’t need to go back to office.


It’s so silent outside…