Archive for July 17th, 2004

Bring me out

赤柱遊Being in stressful environment for prolonged time, my body starts to complain about it. So I decide to take leave tomorrow (while part of the reason is I don’t want to on duty of tomorrow’s wedding… anyway…) After sending the application form to my boss, I phoned my mother to ask her to bring me out on Sunday. She turned me down.

Bad things keep coming… the design stuff, Frontline’s recording stuff, Koinonia Christian Church’s recording stuff, the typhoon stuff…

Could anybody bring me out to have some wonderful time tomorrow? Could anybody buy me some drinks………….


Wedding job

One of my part time jobs is working in a local church near my home. My major duty is arranging and operating the wedding hall rental service. Except non-frequent non-regular-hour wedding session, we have 4 weddings per week at most.

I remember the days I’m still studying in secondary school, I attended the first christian wedding. (Except the one I attend when I’m in kindergarten. =P) I was very impressed… and somehow moved by the every details of the wedding… the deep red carpets covering the walls and the floor, the candles, the old wood chairs, the sound of organ… and everything!

However… wedding to me becomes too routine now… no matter how special the couples trying to mold the wedding ceremony, they’re so similar, just because I’ve seen too much wedding ceremonies! Especially when I hear the too small repertoire of songs nearly in every wedding… you better kill me, but don’t punish me to hear it again and again… till eternity!

Today’s wedding is a hard job to me. The bride and groom are both teachers… and they bring so much guests and students! Really tired now.