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Spymac is having upgrade today (?), so I can’t access part of the functions, including my blog page. I’m quite nervous when I load the blog page unsuccessfully, and see there’re 0 entry from the Spymac Tools. I just start blogging days ago, but I really enjoy writing in such style. Comparing to the online diary I used to write, the passage size is cut drastically. I try taking snapshots in daily life, and write concisely. I’m much relaxed to write shorter passage. I don’t need to spend time to plan the message flow and style of writing. I just “write” from my heart.

I believe it could be another stage of writing training to me. Other than writing short and precise, I write in English only. It’s not an easy task in this International website. I write in Chinese mainly in my online diary, since most of my friends there write and read Chinese more often, while some of those will skip all my English entries. I feel uneasy to write English entries there, coz it seems I’m ignoring my friends’ preferences. I’m glad that I don’t have these problems here. And I intentionally keep this blog as low profile as I could… to maintain a personal / private atmosphere for me to write more.

Yes… I enjoy going into the cave for awhile… sometimes…

Blog everyday… would be a good activity to me!

Introducing my lovely cat Toffee to you! She loves to sleep by my side every night. This picture is a bit weird… she’s much beautiful… however I had never seen her like this, I would like to share with you. Later on I’ll post some normal photo of Toffee here. Enjoy!

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