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Star East

I just find this photo in a website about Denise Ho, a pop singer in Hong Kong. Besides is her coach Anita Mui, a real diva in the music scene. Denise was having her 1st mini concert in The Church Restaurant of Star East Entertainment Complex in April 2000. I was assisting the sound engineer by the time, worked there from 1900 – 0200 every night for 6 months. I treasure the experience of doing sound and lighting operation every night, with tons of mini-concerts by pop singers. I met many great musicians there, and I even brought my Fender guitar there for signature from So Tak Wah!


Need to work really hard to step on my road in the music industry!



My boss in recording studio loves Batman. I remember the time he was always on tour as professional chorus, he bought Batman back to Hong Kong from all around the world. New toy is a must every week we had singing practice in his voice studio. However, he said being on tour is not that fun as we imagine. As fun declines, he stops going on tour for years. Also, fun in collecting Batman declines as age goes up…. =P

Yesterday when I do recording in studio, I discover a new Batmobile on top of the NS-10M. It’s in purple, and of special edition. I have a black Batmobile at home too, and his’s on top of another NS-10M. I guess the pair of monitors is the most expensive Batmobile’s parking in the world.

I use my CLIE to take photos of them, and also every figures displayed in the control room. Two Batmobiles, two bookstands (Batman & Robin), a large Batman figure from U.S., and a moving figure of the King of Soul – James Brown.

We like the Robin bookstand the most. You agree?


Piano lesson

Remember I’ve talked about my bravo pianist friend? I start learning contemporary piano from him today. The 1-hour class runs so fast, and it seems I’m too excited in learning. My brain blanks out when I play the song selected by the teacher. I keep making mistakes… aiya…. can smell the fear and pressure inside. However, I feel really good in the lesson, coz I can dump all the jobs and tasks that burden me everyday, and enjoy the gift of music from heaven. It’s a relaxing moment for me, and I think it’ll eventually get me out of different uncertainities of life. It’s a chance for me to face myself, to explore myself, and challenge myself.

Thanks, my dear teacher, for your patience and expertise.

Tong Lau

After the lesson, I hang around in that district. The picture is taken in a shopping mall. It makes me think of McDull and his friends living in Tai Kok Tsui.

P.S. McDull is a character of Hong Kong animation. Movies published including “My Life as McDull” and “McDull, Prince de la Bun”



Start practising sound editing in my G4 workstation (DIGI001), I spend long hours tonight in setting up the environment. One of my task is to find an Instant Messenger that integrate all messenging services I’m using.

Days ago, I see a passage in a local BBS recommending Adium. So I download and install it. Ah… the interface is nice, and handles most of the IM softwares (including those I use). I play here and there, however, I come across several crashes and errors connecting the IM server. Although I can send Chinese messages and see Chinese screen name, I can’t see Chinese messages received. I’m a bit mad about this, since the passage I read says that Adium handle Chinese well, while most of my buddies use Chinese as first language.

Anyway, got to sleep early. I have to start working in another huge church tomorrow at 7 am.

Good night world!



The Incredibles

On the way buying take-away, I notice that the cinema nearby provides morning show, which cost only HK$30. I should wake up earlier and go and see a movie before work!

Movie queue:
1. The Terminal
3. Collateral

The Incredibles will be on show in Nov… I watch the teaser & trailer if I get bored in office! They’re so funny, and always make me laugh!

Gotta start next week!



方中信 FONG Chung Shun, a famous actor in HKAfter the music camp and holiday on Monday, I go back to work this afternoon. Not much tasks to do as usual. I browse the web all the time, chatting with friends on MSN.

After dinner at home, I start to read a novel borrowed from a friend. It’s 亦舒《朝花夕拾》. I’ve heard this title for decades. Once I start reading, I can’t stop. The author writes romance novel, however, she always add scientific elements to the stories. This is a story of year 2035. The other attractive point is that the male main character is called 方中信 (pronounced as FONG Chung Shun), which the actor takes this name after performing in the movie… and he’s one of my favorite actors in HK!!! It provides me a solid image of the character of novel. After 2.5 hours, I finish the novel with a few teardrops.

Tomorrow is holiday!!! I’ll watch VCDs and go swimming.

Leisure time is so valuable~ \^O^/


My cave

Sheta @ CAS2004Spymac’s blog is my cave.

I feel safe to face myself through blogging, since I’ve told only two girls about this website. They’re closed friends of mine and I know they understand me so much. Then I write whatever I want to write. Of course I understand this is an open area in the web… I know this many many years ago, since I start web surfing – there’re no real privacy in web. However, Spymac is not popular (or even being heard) in my friends’ circle, and it’s a bit technologically difficult for them to join, even they know its existence. As a result, I choose here as my cave.

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