方中信 FONG Chung Shun, a famous actor in HKAfter the music camp and holiday on Monday, I go back to work this afternoon. Not much tasks to do as usual. I browse the web all the time, chatting with friends on MSN.

After dinner at home, I start to read a novel borrowed from a friend. It’s 亦舒《朝花夕拾》. I’ve heard this title for decades. Once I start reading, I can’t stop. The author writes romance novel, however, she always add scientific elements to the stories. This is a story of year 2035. The other attractive point is that the male main character is called 方中信 (pronounced as FONG Chung Shun), which the actor takes this name after performing in the movie… and he’s one of my favorite actors in HK!!! It provides me a solid image of the character of novel. After 2.5 hours, I finish the novel with a few teardrops.

Tomorrow is holiday!!! I’ll watch VCDs and go swimming.

Leisure time is so valuable~ \^O^/

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