Start practising sound editing in my G4 workstation (DIGI001), I spend long hours tonight in setting up the environment. One of my task is to find an Instant Messenger that integrate all messenging services I’m using.

Days ago, I see a passage in a local BBS recommending Adium. So I download and install it. Ah… the interface is nice, and handles most of the IM softwares (including those I use). I play here and there, however, I come across several crashes and errors connecting the IM server. Although I can send Chinese messages and see Chinese screen name, I can’t see Chinese messages received. I’m a bit mad about this, since the passage I read says that Adium handle Chinese well, while most of my buddies use Chinese as first language.

Anyway, got to sleep early. I have to start working in another huge church tomorrow at 7 am.

Good night world!

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