Piano lesson

Remember I’ve talked about my bravo pianist friend? I start learning contemporary piano from him today. The 1-hour class runs so fast, and it seems I’m too excited in learning. My brain blanks out when I play the song selected by the teacher. I keep making mistakes… aiya…. can smell the fear and pressure inside. However, I feel really good in the lesson, coz I can dump all the jobs and tasks that burden me everyday, and enjoy the gift of music from heaven. It’s a relaxing moment for me, and I think it’ll eventually get me out of different uncertainities of life. It’s a chance for me to face myself, to explore myself, and challenge myself.

Thanks, my dear teacher, for your patience and expertise.

Tong Lau

After the lesson, I hang around in that district. The picture is taken in a shopping mall. It makes me think of McDull and his friends living in Tai Kok Tsui.

P.S. McDull is a character of Hong Kong animation. Movies published including “My Life as McDull” and “McDull, Prince de la Bun”

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