My boss in recording studio loves Batman. I remember the time he was always on tour as professional chorus, he bought Batman back to Hong Kong from all around the world. New toy is a must every week we had singing practice in his voice studio. However, he said being on tour is not that fun as we imagine. As fun declines, he stops going on tour for years. Also, fun in collecting Batman declines as age goes up…. =P

Yesterday when I do recording in studio, I discover a new Batmobile on top of the NS-10M. It’s in purple, and of special edition. I have a black Batmobile at home too, and his’s on top of another NS-10M. I guess the pair of monitors is the most expensive Batmobile’s parking in the world.

I use my CLIE to take photos of them, and also every figures displayed in the control room. Two Batmobiles, two bookstands (Batman & Robin), a large Batman figure from U.S., and a moving figure of the King of Soul – James Brown.

We like the Robin bookstand the most. You agree?

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