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Frontline《Love Chronicles》「無法逃避的愛」

版權及出版 Frontline Music Limited
意念    葉富生 & Frontline
監製    葉富生
主唱及和唱 Frontline
錄音    Sheta Chow @ Vocalese Studio
聲音剪輯  Wing Ywen @ Vocalese Studio
混音    黎浩然 @ Vocalese Studio
母帶處理  楊我華 @ air studio

作曲   葉富生
作詞   朱浩廉
編曲   褚鎮東
和聲編排 葉富生
主唱   周凱欣 葉鎮邦



Simple or complicated?

I come across problems in piano lesson.

One of those is “Pressing a key should be an easy thing!”

Is it?

My teacher says yes, and my body says no.

My brain understands all his words, but my body refuses to follow.

It’s just like programmed in my brain decades ago.

The second is “The way I play is too mechanical… without emotion.”
Ahh… he’s good in observation.

Just too silent when I hear his words… I can hardly respond…
But I can’t hide from him. I admit, the day I decide to take piano lessons, I’ve enough preparation that in someday I’ll come across this problem.

Just never thought this would be in the 4th lesson.

And yes, it’ll never be wrong of having emotion as a human being.

Talking with a friend at night. I’ve spent hours digging in the issue when I’m on the way home. I try to describe that complicated scenario I’m facing. Then she says, “it can be an easy thing to solve: just out it into God’s hands, then don’t worry, but just trust God.”

Thank God that I haven’t started thinking of the solution. But You have given me the solution directly. It’s just that simple! Fingers down the keys with the help of gravity!!

Introduce to you kitten “Ah Gill”. He’s kept by a studio I maintained. “Ah Gill” is a girl name, since his masters don’t know he’s a boy!