20041030 Halloween Milonga

I never thought of going to dance party after 10-year-old. When Tori asks me to join the tango class months ago, I turn her down immediately.

She asks me again on 30 October, while I’m thinking about what to do at night. She says ah Yau will go too… that’s a great idea, coz I’m longing to see ah Yau for a long time. I jump into my wardrobe for a nice piece of dress for tango dance.

I spend the whole afternoon, imaging what would happen at night. It’s exciting to spend a night to dance with friends, all dressing up with beautiful make-up and shoes – during the process of making oneself looks good, they feel good too. When Tori tells me she is going to dress in male dancer-look, I’m even more excited… it’s not easy to imagine Tori dressed in formal shirt and trousers. ^_^!

We finally meet at Trio Spin Studio. Ah Yau can’t come, and I meet Tori’s husband there. I meet teachers Candy and Anita, students H and Johnson, Rosa, Tiger… and what’s other names I forget?! =P

I’m glad that tango is not what I think, but to emphasize communication and connection between the two dancers. This is really a brand new experience to me, to open up oneself, to trust your partner, to be sensitive to his move, and to respond him honestly.

There’re still many impacts to me, however I’m at a loss of words now…

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  1. Dear, I was honored to be your pseudo boyfriend that evening, you were so glamourous! I’m glad you enjoyed the party. :)



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