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步近一點  林海倫

作曲 譚思雄
作詞 甄燕鳴
編曲 譚思雄

不惜一切 受痛苦愛得徹底
輕撫你十架釘痕 為罪人在所不計
終於醒覺 沒有誰能像你般愛我
不只塗抹我差錯 分分秒體恤援助

自我的不羈必須放棄 無故不斷逃避
讓我看清楚固執的我 慈愛不可再躲

步近步近一點 沒法掩飾心抖顫
原諒昨天令你心酸 真愛歷遍考驗
是你是你聲音 讓我指尖都溫暖
疑慮內疚消散無存 神讓我身心盡完全

棄掉以前 就似殘破的碎片
新姿態面對將來 舊裂痕莫再糾纏
靠著真理 耐性期盼是愛的印記
遮掩錯願意包容 愛是恆久不止息

自我的不羈立志放棄 常對付未逃避
讓我看清楚固執的我 慈愛不可再躲

步近步近一點 讓你消解心抖顫
原諒昨天令你心酸 真愛歷遍考驗
是你喚我聲音 讓我指尖都溫暖
疑慮內疚消散無存 神讓我身心盡完全

You’re the one I adore, stepping closer to you
I know it’s true, you have seen me through
You’re the one whom my love
With all of my heart

是你喚我聲音 讓我指尖都溫暖
疑慮內疚消散無存 往事飄遠 此刻是完全





Tell me your dreams!

Friends say they can’t leave messages to me here. Is it true?
I really appreciate your involvement here. Gimme responses and tell me your dreams! Let’s share life here!

Friend says she misses my English entries… so I gotta write some. Hope you’ll enjoy this one. ^^!

I write diary in Chinese in another website for many years, so I blog in English only. However, the website was under attack on 911 this year. Some of the entries can’t be recovered. Being an IT people (in past) I understand that no computer system is totally secure. But I admit that I under-estimate the importance of the diary entries to me, and the regular backup is not regular enough to prevent such hazard. I leave there eventually.

My blog becomes bi-lingual.

Also sometimes it’s hard for me to express myself in non mother-tongue, especially in areas of music and tango. They’re shaking my everyday life, and I’m still having intensive conversation to myself. I hope writing in Chinese can help in knowing more about myself, and hope you’ll enjoy my self-discovery journey too.

Enjoy the voyage!