Tell me your dreams!

Friends say they can’t leave messages to me here. Is it true?
I really appreciate your involvement here. Gimme responses and tell me your dreams! Let’s share life here!

Friend says she misses my English entries… so I gotta write some. Hope you’ll enjoy this one. ^^!

I write diary in Chinese in another website for many years, so I blog in English only. However, the website was under attack on 911 this year. Some of the entries can’t be recovered. Being an IT people (in past) I understand that no computer system is totally secure. But I admit that I under-estimate the importance of the diary entries to me, and the regular backup is not regular enough to prevent such hazard. I leave there eventually.

My blog becomes bi-lingual.

Also sometimes it’s hard for me to express myself in non mother-tongue, especially in areas of music and tango. They’re shaking my everyday life, and I’m still having intensive conversation to myself. I hope writing in Chinese can help in knowing more about myself, and hope you’ll enjoy my self-discovery journey too.

Enjoy the voyage!

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  1. Tell me your dreams, and things you want to say!


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