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HARIO Coffee mill skerton, 2004 Christmas gift from my friend跟好友飯局之前的一晚,還有另一精采飯局,更精采的是,她送聖誕禮物給我!是手動磨咖啡豆機。
今晚,在家吃過晚飯後,便拿了新玩意出來,調較了研磨的粗幼度後,我便將 Mocca Harrar 放進去,細心的轉動那手柄,咖啡香氣隨即四溢。看那些咖啡粉粗幼度頗為一致,是值得推介的產品呢!

KŌNO coffee syphon磨豆以先,我已經將虹吸管注了水,正在加熱呢!將適量的咖啡粉放在虹吸管的頂端後,便插在咖啡壼上,待下層的沸水升至上層,與咖啡粉混和,略煮後熄火,靜心等待咖啡經隔濾芯返回咖啡壼後,一杯香濃咖啡便出現在我面前。


Meeting old friends

Frontline’s “Love Chronicles” is released for 1 month. Have you bought it, my friend? I really want to share with all of you, since we’ve spent so many months in the project, working really hard in recording booth, recording studio, my little audio workstation at home, mastering studio, CD pressing factory, printing factory, member’s home, on the phone… the music production becomes the core of my life for the past 10 months. Friends say they know a bit more about me when they listen to the CD, and I hope you can enjoy the music with us!

Frances & Sheta @ CWB 和民居酒屋After the release, we’re all busying meeting old friends, sharing our laugh and tears during the production period. Yesterday night Ivor and I invite Frances Chiu dinner at CWB. Frances is a Christian singer-songwriter in HK. She has released three solo albums: 《一個人》(1998), 《Overdos》(2000) and 《Vanilla Me》(2003). We have great time there, sharing nice cuisine and chat on music and life. We talk about the Christian music market and ministry too. Read the rest of this entry »