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My gear

My latest show will be on Christmas Eve, singing duet with Florence Lin. She has chosen the song 《兩個女人》 which we want to sing for years. (The song is originally sang by 葉德嫻 & 劉天蘭, later by 梅艷芳 & 林憶蓮 in 2002.) After the first rehearsal, we decide to sing 《Don’t Call Him Up Anymore》 (covered by 齊豫 & 潘越雲, original song 《Make No Mistake, He’s Mine》 by Kim Carnes & Barbra Streisand) next time. Both songs are talking about love triangle between two women and a man.

We come into consensus that it’s better for me to play piano by myself. So I start to practise in last week. I’ve spent time in writing the score, making every chords are okay. I learned to play the song in yesterday’s piano lesson.

I practise again last night, and find it’s too difficult to sing and play together, especially for such a hard duet song. I admit that I’m a bit discouraged, after knowing the fact that I’m still not an able player.

Then I switch to another song to cheer up myself. It’s 陳奕迅’s 《Lonely Christmas》. It’s in key of C and 3/4 beat. The mood is light and easy, a bit cute too. I enjoy the time striking the keys of my Roland A-30 when listening to Eason’s voice, writing the score simultaneously. He’s great in singing, and I really enjoy playing “accomplishment” for him.

Actually A-30 is a good keyboard, except that my cats love to play with it too… and cause some semi-dead keys there. When I play those keys, it gives me sound with full velocity, and I can hardly practise with it. I plan to buy a new keyboard as soon as possible, so that I can learn piano more efficiently.

However, when I play 《Lonely Christmas》, I feel good and not affected by those semi-dead keys. I really enjoy the time yesterday night, wearing my SONY headphone, striking on the keys happily~~