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20041227 001Recording session resumes in this holiday season. We have been working with Believers, the man’s singing group of Shatin Baptist Church for couple of months, and the released day will be on March 2005. The recording schedule will become more packed as the deadline approaches. We’ll try our best to make another high quality album within tight schedule and budget.

At 23:10, I receive a phonecall. Ivor of Frontline tells me that my boss / producer / Frontline’s vocal coach and producer, Steven Ip, is on air at Metro Finance FM104. And the song on air is Frontine’s “Emmanuel”. I’m very excited, however, we don’t have radio in studio. And most importantly, we’re having recording session in the meantime.

Steven is in the recording booth, and at the same time, on air?!

The truth is, he appears in a pre-recorded interview at FM104 Monday to Friday, 23:00-23:30 starting tonight. The program 「火熱・音樂・人」 talks about contemporary Christian music. Frances Chiu appears in the program earlier in 15-19 November.

20041227 002They take a short break minutes later, then I tell Steven he’s “now” on air. Singer of Believers and I really want to hear the interview, so we put the earpiece of a Nokia mobile phone on top of the Royer Labs PS-101 Windscreen in front of the studio microphone Neumann M 149 Tube, and listen to it in the studio using our pairs of studio monitor Yamaha NS-10M. I guess this would be the most expensive “radio” in the world.

If you’re interested in contemporary Christian music, Steven Ip or Frontline, turn your radio on at 23:00-23:30 every night till Friday! Help spread the news to your circle too. I guess there’re still many chances to hear Frontline’s songs in that program.

Except FM104, there’s a similar program 「用愛造世界」 in RTHK 2 in Saturday’s afternoon (16:00-18:00). Check the website for further information.

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