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Wish comes true

This is the first year I attend Christmas party. To make it memorable, some women in MTR step on my right foot so that I can hardly walk in the evening. -_-!

The Tango Lesson - movie posterWe girls have wonderful time before the Christmas party. Our teachers arrange a private movie show and discussion for us. The movie is called “The Tango Lesson”. I love that movie, especially it reflects part of my findings towards tango. Those are tiny, sentimental moments in daily life, so easy to fade away without being noticed. I hope to find DVD of the movie… it’s nice to have a movie like this to touch one’s heart.

People comes at 19:00, and we’re busy preparing the ‘bring-a-dish’ buffet dinner. We have great varieties of food, while some of them are prepared by themseleves. I love the bread, salad and chicken wings most, and I’ve drunk so many glasses of wines… red wines, white wines, sparkling wines, 桂花酒… and I feel so right!

We tango! H says I’m so happy dancing with Anita!

Yeah~~~ I’m so happy tango through the night!!! Just can’t hide my happiness dancing with great people there!!!!

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