Wish comes true

This is the first year I attend Christmas party. To make it memorable, some women in MTR step on my right foot so that I can hardly walk in the evening. -_-!

The Tango Lesson - movie posterWe girls have wonderful time before the Christmas party. Our teachers arrange a private movie show and discussion for us. The movie is called “The Tango Lesson”. I love that movie, especially it reflects part of my findings towards tango. Those are tiny, sentimental moments in daily life, so easy to fade away without being noticed. I hope to find DVD of the movie… it’s nice to have a movie like this to touch one’s heart.

People comes at 19:00, and we’re busy preparing the ‘bring-a-dish’ buffet dinner. We have great varieties of food, while some of them are prepared by themseleves. I love the bread, salad and chicken wings most, and I’ve drunk so many glasses of wines… red wines, white wines, sparkling wines, 桂花酒… and I feel so right!

We tango! H says I’m so happy dancing with Anita!

Yeah~~~ I’m so happy tango through the night!!! Just can’t hide my happiness dancing with great people there!!!!

Wish box of 6 tango girls!People come and go. There left 6 girls…

Phoebe, Tori, Frances, Sheta, Candy, Anita.

H brings us the Wish Box of Bloom. We have six candles and six boxes of matches. Peace, money, friendship, love, luck and any wishes. I get the left over – love. We lit the matches, light the candles, make wishes, and have girls’ talk.

I miss the time we share, girls.

I’ve placed the box of matches with the word “Love” in front of me, to memorize the quality time we have in the midnight of Boxing Day 2004.

Wish you every success and happiness in the year of 2005!

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  1. Dear, I love “Tango Lesson” as well. the film was so subtle.

    I’m glad you wrote about the party. Thanks for sharing.
    This wonderful Christmas is unique. We were together to enjoy everything which happened on Christmas day.

    Miss you dear.



  2. 打起精神來! 上帝讓別人拿走一些東東是因為要預備更好的給你, 先讓你空出雙手來接收。至於那拿走你東東的人態度如何, 不必上心吧。注目在上帝將要給你更美好的東東不是更好嗎?

    本想post在除夕夜的那一篇, 可是不得要領。我不熟悉這界面的操作, 試了很多次, well~~~~

    羨慕三筒和阿華田可以如此親近, 還是因為blublu是天生高竇的生物呢?



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