A lovely ring I bought yesterday.  Forgive me that the photo is a bit out-of-focus.Before the recording session on Sunday, I visit the Longham Place. In a little shop called “ans”, selling bags, gloves, and accessories, I see this ring. Boom!!! Magic takes place. I know from my heart it’s the ring of mine, and it’s all about basic instinct.

You may think, it looks nice, but not that nice to buy it immediately. Actually, yes, I agree too. However I’d rather follow my instinct, and see what will happen next.

Leaving the shop, I got phone call from Steven. It’s time to leave.

Our second encounter is in the bus journey. Unpack the ring carefully, I spend long time before I can hold it in my hand. The excitement keeps increasing. Eventually, it’s on my finger. It fits well on my fourth finger, and the touch of the ring is very good. There’re little pearls (fake, of course) and crystals on the ring, surrounding the light purple heart. They’re not fixed on the ring, so everytime I wear the ring, it looks different.

I put it back to the package when I have lunch with Steven. After the setup of recording booth, G4 and all stuff, I put it on my fourth finger again. It looks really nice on my finger.

Then I realize screens keep flashing in my mind. Before the recording session ends, the whole story is completed.

Thanks for the inspiration you bring to me.
Maybe I should write up a song or some passages.

My music, audio and graphics design workstation, composed of Macintosh G4 system, DIGI 001 audio interface, Roland A-30 MIDI controller, SONY MDR-7506 studio headphone, several gears... and my cats 三筒 & 阿華田.This is my little music / audio / graphic design workstation. The main system is a Macintosh G4, with some audio / music gears connected. I hope to get a new master keyboard in near future, moreover there is a pair of monitors on the top of my list.

It’s getting cold in these days. Working couples of hours a day in front of the workstation is a tough job, cause it’s located in the balcony which gives me the feeling of working outdoor. However it’s nice to have my cats sleeping on my nap when I do editing or mixing. They give me warmth and the feeling of togetherness. I really love to stay with them, especially in winter time.

Actually my cats give me many inspirations about life. I learn many things from them, from God’s providence to parental love and punishment towards their children. Toffee the cat mother always stays close to me. She is calm and cheerful when I’m around. She shows to me the feeling of being protected, loved and satisfied. Cats won’t hide their emotions, and love to express themselves to people they trust. They try hard to let you know they want to stay close to you.

This is what I have to learn from them for my whole life.

I guess that people, especially the Chinese, tend to hide their emotional needs and expressions towards others, and even themselves. We often suppress our feelings and thoughts. We surrender chances of being heard – we use artists’ songs to substitute our own words and feelings in karaoke, friends’ gathering, writing love letters and even in time of propose. There exists no “my own story”. It’s all about “people’s stories”, and mostly “fake stories”. Composers write songs to suit singers’ ability to sing. Lyrists write lyrics directed by the producers according to the market trend. Where are the “people”? Where are the stories?

It’s the real emotions and feelings that get people’s attention. You can tell from your heart, if you really “listen” to them.

I believe we all have stories of our own. You deserve to have your own stories. Open your heart, and jump into the experience of being touched… by the nature, the people around, songs and stories you hear, smells and fragrance, a piece of artwork, a furniture, a book, breeze touching your face… be sensitive and exposed to yourself.

You’ll feel the eagerness to express your true self after being touched.

I’m recording the song 《我要向山舉目》 written and arranged by Peter Kam, for a contemporary Christian singing group 佳音使團. The song is so expressive. The string lines are telling you the message of the song. I find it hard to keep my mouth shut in the recording session tonight. Tears start storing up in my eyes when I “hear” the message of the song. When we come to the chorus part, I can’t stop myself from expressing my feeling… I’m touched by the music and the words, and the message becomes my own personal message through the process. This is what supposed to be… the power of music and text, and the process of arts.

This is the greatest satisfaction I come across being a recording engineer – to share the gift of music from heaven to people around and people not around.

Hope you’ll like the song.

我要向山舉目  佳音使團

作曲 金培達
作詞 金培達
編曲 金培達

我要向山舉目 望向山盡頭
向那遠方的天空 我問一句
哪裏可得幫助 尋著我力量

我要向山舉目 望向山盡頭
有祢可得幫助 尋著我力量

就是創造這天地 掌管萬物
就是祂 那永遠的耶和華

我要向山舉目 望向山盡頭
有祢可得幫助 尋著我力量

就是祂 那永遠的耶和華

我要向山舉目 望向山盡頭
有祢可得幫助 尋著我力量

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  1. I LOVE CATS! I REALLY DO! 貓是一種令人很窩心的動物。
    Sony每天都很好笑。而且開心~~不知為甚麼牠每天都喜孜孜的樣子, 但我和狐狸很高興我們能令牠如此這麼快樂, 而且快樂得像傻瓜蛋。哈哈哈~~牠成為我們生命中很重要的回憶。


  2. hey i like the lyrics of the song. reminds me of the verse from book of psalm 121:1-3.
    I will lift up my eyes to the hills–
    From whence comes my help?
    My help comes from the LORD,
    Who made heaven and earth.
    He will not allow your foot to be moved;
    He who keeps you will not slumber.
    and very cute cats. heheehe


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