Archive for March 10th, 2005



Sorry for keep you waiting… (if there’re really some people waiting…)

As Carrie said, I’m very busy in these weeks, for we’re going to deliever a music production for a male CCM singing group “Believers” of Shatin Baptist Church. Now we’re at the final stage of recording, entering the post-production stage. I have to edit at least 5 songs within one week. Hopefully I can deliver good vocal tracks. Please pray for the project, producer Steven Ip, recording and editing engineer Sheta, and mixing engineer Ka-wah. Pray for our health, spirit and good judgment.

I got many inspirations in these days, and I’m developing several stories and passages in my mind. Moreover I’ll start a blog in graphic design, and planning to work on my first personal website integrating several blogs together. (Thanks John for giving me inspiration about blogging!) I hope to bring deeper understanding and new horizons to my friends and readers (if really any).

Do visit here often, for new blogs keep coming. It’s nice to hear from all of you, so please kindly leave notes / messages / comments / praises to me. Haha~