Take a break!!!

This is my forth week working in new company. Concert is coming close, and I’m busy with all preparation works.

Days before I did some soldering works in my partition. Colleagues came and forecasted I’ll be the first staff here won’t get fat as time goes by… Huh?! because of soldering?! Anyway, they asked me if I need to carry heavy speakers and equipment? I replied, “every sound engineer needs to go through these stages, and that’s the reason I’m not that slim like in good old days.”

Friends said it seems that I’ve lost much weight recently. Pressure?! Labour-intensive and weight-lifting task I involved in?! I just know I’m really tired, and panda eyes start to appear.

I got headache this afternoon, after testing some equipment and the console we’re going to bring to the venue on Saturday. I need to put down all the tasks on hand, and take a good enough break.

Zoe sends me a cool website about rubber duck. Go and have a look!

Last but not the least, “Happy anniversary, my friends!”

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  1. 我覺得你唔係話瘦左好多,不過精神差左lor。(2005年5月11日下午6時15分的語氣)



  2. So good to know there are people working in a field they like. You sound enthusiastic about your work.


  3. Headache again? Put the eyes on your body. I know that you won’t let the jobs “just made”. But you need a little bit of time for your break. My coffe maker is waiting for you!


  4. Take care!


  5. sheta, you gotta take good care of yourself ^-^


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