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A family comes back to Hong Kong for two weeks, and I’ve spent some days with them, eating out, shopping, babysitting, and most importantly, chatting. I’m glad that we make good friends offline. We share quite a few important moments of life together. Thanks for your love and care, and hope to see you very soon. I love you all!

Having dinner with birthday girl tonight. I’m glad that she sounds happy when she receives my phone call, and I know she has great time with her ex-colleague in the afternoon. We have a great dinner in a smoky restaurant (we can be happy even the environment is that bad, it’s a matter of choice). We talk about jobs, career, food and health. I’m sorry that I can’t say “Happy Birthday”, because I’m a bit lost, after seeing doctor today. We’re all aging. Anyway, my dear friend, all the best everyday in your wonderful life! Got that job and seize for better life in Jesus!!!

Chatting with a friend tonight, about my cat and his dog, about aging, about death. We live under different clocks, facing similar scenarios. We stock stuff in our houses throughout lives. We got problems in throwing junk away. It’s another matter of choice, to buy new things and to throw away old stuff. We got to spend hours in picking “valuable” things from junk hills. But at last, they’re mostly left untouched for another decade. What are the things / people / stories / memories / emotions we’re trying to grasp firmly in hand? Would it be a lost giving them up? We’re fear of changes. My way of facing fear is to admit the fact, and try tiny step of changes. I’m afraid my cats are all leaving me someday in my life. So, I start to adapt to the foreseeable ending. Someday, one day, they’ll leave me alone. So what can I do?

Life, without rehearsal, without replay, you’ve got only “take one” for every seconds.

How are you going to live it out?

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  1. My dear friend, there’s no need to say sorry, for sometimes I can read and understand the unspoken words (after I’ve started aging, haha). I always believe that it’s a sign of love and care when someone dares to share his/her time with you, no matter it’s dining, or just chatting over the phone, or even idling together. Thanks for your wishes and your love all over these years. Tell you what, I’m also very glad to see that you are really taking very good care of yourself, and you really look more energetic and high-spirit than before. Wow~~ I’m going to have a friend who’s a “nutrition expert”! =D


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