Road to success

Sheta’s self-talking.

There’re NO shortcut to success. NEVER. You may find shortcut to the “road to succeess”, but you still have to walk on step by step. Don’t put anything blocking your road by yourself… it’s full of obstacles already. If you don’t want to walk on, just leave it… you don’t need any excuses at all, because it’s a matter of your own choice. You simply don’t need to tell people your reason of quitting… no one is interested and responsible at all.

But, if you DECIDE to walk on, focus on the goal ahead and every step you make. Don’t bother how many steps ahead. You know from your heart: the road is long and winding, with tons of unknowns and attacks. Since you DECIDE to walk on, you have nothing to do but to walk on step by step. Don’t rely on friends’ support and encouragement. These are not a MUST in your life, but little gifts from heaven. One day, someday, when you reach the destination, you reach your goal, experiencing all miracles happening on the road, with stronger mind and heart. You’ll find “walking through with all your effort” is what it means to be successful.

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  1. The road is always long long to go. Can we find a shorter road with a “smaller” success or we find a long road to aim at a “great success”?


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