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I can’t stop writing passages about friends, the lovely little gifts from heaven, especially in days feeling blue.

My eyes are red and swollen, and I phone my friend I. I ask her out for dinner, while having recording session starts at 20:00. She says yes, even we can’t dine out together eventually.

My friend Y MSNs me on Saturday. After confirming time and venue we’ll meet, I tell her I’m sad. She says we can talk later, even we don’t have time to do so.

My friend J Yahoo! me at Sunday’s midnight. He is a guy. He calls himself an opportunitist. He gives me tons of advices, just like what he’ll do in past. Thanks for your advices when my brain cannot function well. However, I really want to let you know I’m really depressed.

My friend S Yahoo! me. He tells me about his brand new idea of composing. After knowing I’m still taking medication, he asks me to stay away from chicken. Ha! Thanks for making me happy always.

Last Friday, in the Bible study group about Revelation, my Lord J challenges me to race with horses when I’m tired racing with people. This morning He brings me back to church. He encourages me never giving up. I’m so thankful He’s always willing to show me His will and blessings.

I love you all.



好友寫了這樣一篇文章:愛蓮.愛自在花園: 不自願惡女





但,我跟平凡人一樣,有著自己的 untouchable button。