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Moments in life

There are moments in life we want to capture every second without missing anything. Nowadays we depend on technology like photos and videos to give a hand to our under-utilized brains.

I learn lessons days ago after re-installing operating system in my PC:

Technology fails you, but Jesus never fails.
It’s not the photos or videos being valuable. The love relationships among people count!

I lose part of the YM message archive, but I know, my friends are all still there. I won’t lose any of you because of incomplete archive in my PC.

However, technology still connects people.

Introduce to you, Rachel Tse, the new born daughter of my buddies Joanna and John Tse.

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365 days

It’s been another year, and I’m getting excited for the anniversary to come…

I promise, I will treat myself better this year… avoid overloading my workload, visiting the nature, doing more workouts, having fine and healthy cuisine, spending times with family and buddies, enjoying great music, movies and books.

To live healthily and happily, I believe it’s the best way to make my friends happy.

Wish you have a happy lunar new year of dog, and a prosperous year 2006.

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