There’s a song that makes me cry…

Sentimental. Ten years ago, Steven picked me to join a singing group from a large choir because I’m emotional in singing.

There should be lists of songs which drive my tears.

After joining music business / ministry for some years, I learn to listen to songs technically… analyzing the melodies, lyrics, arrangements, singers’ expression, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, graphics design, album concept, text, printing, producing… you name it.

A composer once asked me about the singer’s performance. Guess what’s my answer?

“Not good and not bad… just not my preference.”
I realize I’ve lost the simple ruler of “love and hate”.

It has been so long I’m not touched by a song. When I flip through the old writings here, I realize I was touched and moved by many people and events around me… even I forgot most of the special moments already. Being terribly busy in this year locks me up emotionally. I even don’t have chance to shed tears.

Yesterday when I was travelling to studio for a long recording session, my iPod brought me new song of Eason Chan. The very last one in his new EP caught my heart. Before knowing the meaning of the lyrics, my tears dropped like storming. In two minutes, I tidied up myself and went into the studio.

Tonight I spent part of my sleeping time to chat with my friends aboard. They are my angels. My friend told me he’s bringing me to Malaysia for rest, because he sensed I really need a vacation. Yes, I really need that. At that particular moment, iTunes brought this song to me, and my tears dropped again.

Finally, I got a song that really makes me cry…

想聽  陳奕迅

作曲 雷頌德
填詞 青介
編曲 雷頌德

風怎麼叫 話我知蜜蜂怎笑
星怎不叫囂 難道怕誰人被騷擾
想緊握這 靜悄的一秒
呆看這寂寞雨點 放浪輕飄

如果寧靜中感到害怕 送我相擁有用嗎
會為我添上顧慮嗎 可安心嗎
平靜的海 仍充滿熱情暗浪
只得一剎那 捉不緊變化

想聽得見 用耳聽未必聽見
將心擺耳邊 才驟覺沉默有深淺
聽到淺笑 用笑織冠冕
陶醉這靜默愛戀 快樂飛天

如果寧靜中感到害怕 送你相擁有用嗎
會為你添上顧慮嗎 可安心嗎
平靜的海 仍充滿熱情暗浪
想聽出變化 想聽出記掛
想聽聽到嗎 容我念掛

如果沉睡中感到害怕 你這相擁有用嗎
會為我牽去顧慮嗎 可安息嗎
平靜的海 無心叫熱情靠岸
可惜一剎那 可惜這變化


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  1. Since I am not a professional in the art industry, I can just say I like it or I don’t like it about a performance. It can be all about feeling. Totally subjective.


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