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Show time

In recent months, there are tons of world-class musicians having concerts in Hong Kong.

On first of July, I invited some musician friends to join the concert of “The Manhattan Transfer”, which is a S-A-T-B accapella group from United States. That was the first time I get to hear “vocalese” live! Fantastic!!

In August, I missed the chance of seeing “Fourplay” in concert.

In September, from some mailing lists, I learned that Yngwie Malmsteen (Sweden), one of my favorite guitarists is coming to Hong Kong. I fail to ask friends to go with me… but I will go and buy ticket tonight.

Most shockingly… the top of the list, Eric Clapton, is coming too. When I was in S.6, I spent two hours a day, practising Eric Clapton’s songs (from the album “Unplugged”). In those days of playing gigs, I played his songs mostly, sometimes I picked songs from Suede and The Extreme. But he is the all-the-time-best-choice. I must go and watch him live! Anyone interested?

Besides them, I am very interested in watching Celine Dion. However, the most expecting musician, or I should say “group of musicians”, is Take 6, the six people accapella group from the States. I have to start saving money for their shows…

Before it really happens, why not watching their live performance in the web?
Take 6 in Crystal Catheral

P.S. Yvonne just reminds me today that I miss out 明和電機 in concert. Check out!