Mac & PC

“I’m a Mac,”
“and I’m a PC.”

Don’t know if you ever watch the Apple ad series called “Get A Mac.” The two main characters, Mac & PC, good friends in the ads, while competing fiercely in the market. In the ad series, Apple tells you reasons of “getting a Mac”. As a user of PC and Mac, I fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of both operating systems. However, I’m so attracted by the humors it brings (and I always visit the website and watch all the ads when I feel bored in working.) :P

Don’t forget to mention… I kind of like that Mac guy. :D

Earlier in December, Apple brings three new ads, namely “Meant for Work”, “Sales Pitch” and “Gift Exchange”. Apple adds the red color in the ads, bringing us the seasonal touch!

Introducing to you the brand new ad for Christmas!
And I wish you a Merry Christmas!!!

(You’ll have to install QuickTime Player to view the movie clip above.)

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