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James Brown (1933-2006)

Akismet helps me to filter spam comments in “Dream a little dream.” Just minute ago, it caught a suspected spam comment. But this time I release it to one of my old post. You can see the comment is shocking, which looks like ordinary spam. Immediately I did a Google, and sadly found it’s true.

James Brown, the King of Soul, died at 73 on the Christmas morning.

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Show time

In recent months, there are tons of world-class musicians having concerts in Hong Kong.

On first of July, I invited some musician friends to join the concert of “The Manhattan Transfer”, which is a S-A-T-B accapella group from United States. That was the first time I get to hear “vocalese” live! Fantastic!!

In August, I missed the chance of seeing “Fourplay” in concert.

In September, from some mailing lists, I learned that Yngwie Malmsteen (Sweden), one of my favorite guitarists is coming to Hong Kong. I fail to ask friends to go with me… but I will go and buy ticket tonight.

Most shockingly… the top of the list, Eric Clapton, is coming too. When I was in S.6, I spent two hours a day, practising Eric Clapton’s songs (from the album “Unplugged”). In those days of playing gigs, I played his songs mostly, sometimes I picked songs from Suede and The Extreme. But he is the all-the-time-best-choice. I must go and watch him live! Anyone interested?

Besides them, I am very interested in watching Celine Dion. However, the most expecting musician, or I should say “group of musicians”, is Take 6, the six people accapella group from the States. I have to start saving money for their shows…

Before it really happens, why not watching their live performance in the web?
Take 6 in Crystal Catheral

P.S. Yvonne just reminds me today that I miss out 明和電機 in concert. Check out!







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Concert ticket of Taiwan singer-songwriter Cheer Chen's San Miguel Wild Day Out @ City Dancer, HK.


看著聽著她由學生歌手年代,變為全職的音樂人、藝術家,就好像跟她一同長大般。年輕時,喜歡聽張洪量,也是喜歡看著他逐漸成長成熟的過程。看著自己喜歡的歌手不斷發掘並擴展聲音、音樂、影像、錄像、題材、文案的可能性,就像有個活生生的老師坐在你身邊跟你一起經歷生活的高與低、廣與深。 Read the rest of this entry »


Star East

I just find this photo in a website about Denise Ho, a pop singer in Hong Kong. Besides is her coach Anita Mui, a real diva in the music scene. Denise was having her 1st mini concert in The Church Restaurant of Star East Entertainment Complex in April 2000. I was assisting the sound engineer by the time, worked there from 1900 – 0200 every night for 6 months. I treasure the experience of doing sound and lighting operation every night, with tons of mini-concerts by pop singers. I met many great musicians there, and I even brought my Fender guitar there for signature from So Tak Wah!


Need to work really hard to step on my road in the music industry!


Learning music


Chatting with a friend tonight after recording session, about teaching musical instrument. He’s a full time musician, a bravo pianist. I’d love to take piano lesson from him. But just like most of his potential students, we don’t start learning becoz of money.

It doesn’t mean music teachers don’t deserve their price. It’s about people thoughts on learning music: it’s a leisure thing, non-income generating activity… and maybe, it’s no fun comparing with other activities, so why should I invest?


The more I involve in music production, the more I respect producers, writers, lyrists, musicians and arrangers. They form a strong team behind the performer. Without their initial investment in music training, you won’t have chance to enjoy music in your leisure time. They pay great efforts, valuable time, and big money to gain techniques and musical sense. They’re all professionals just like physicians and lawyers, and they deserve their price!

Our government is promoting life-time learning to the general public. I believe that we should focus on both knowledge and attitude towards learning, while the latter prevails!

I support you, friend!