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Tell me your dreams!

Friends say they can’t leave messages to me here. Is it true?
I really appreciate your involvement here. Gimme responses and tell me your dreams! Let’s share life here!

Friend says she misses my English entries… so I gotta write some. Hope you’ll enjoy this one. ^^!

I write diary in Chinese in another website for many years, so I blog in English only. However, the website was under attack on 911 this year. Some of the entries can’t be recovered. Being an IT people (in past) I understand that no computer system is totally secure. But I admit that I under-estimate the importance of the diary entries to me, and the regular backup is not regular enough to prevent such hazard. I leave there eventually.

My blog becomes bi-lingual.

Also sometimes it’s hard for me to express myself in non mother-tongue, especially in areas of music and tango. They’re shaking my everyday life, and I’m still having intensive conversation to myself. I hope writing in Chinese can help in knowing more about myself, and hope you’ll enjoy my self-discovery journey too.

Enjoy the voyage!


My cave

Sheta @ CAS2004Spymac’s blog is my cave.

I feel safe to face myself through blogging, since I’ve told only two girls about this website. They’re closed friends of mine and I know they understand me so much. Then I write whatever I want to write. Of course I understand this is an open area in the web… I know this many many years ago, since I start web surfing – there’re no real privacy in web. However, Spymac is not popular (or even being heard) in my friends’ circle, and it’s a bit technologically difficult for them to join, even they know its existence. As a result, I choose here as my cave.

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Writing blog everyday…
I’m unsuccessful!

Meeting the deadline for music productions to be published in CAS2004, our studio is extremely busy in the past couples of weeks. Due to the unsatisfactory progress, Frontline’s 2nd album “Love Chronicles” will be delayed. However, we’ll publish one song in CAS2004 sampler CD. On the other hand, we’re working on “Crying Emmisary” of Koinonia Christian Church. The original date of publish is CAS2003. Luckily, we finish the mastering yesterday after a 1-year delay.

HHB CDR74 Gold for master productionNever be unlucky like yesterday: we’ve dubbed the master disc for three times due to different kinds of problem. Including the time of dubbing and monitoring, we spend 6 hours in total, listening to 6 songs + 6 MMOs. Including the recording and mixing sessions, the producer and I have listened to the songs for at least hundreds times. We are too tired, so Steven suggests to play any game so that the loser have to go into the studio and monitor the final master. Of course, it’s a joke only. After working for 23 hours, the master is finished, and the clients (pastor and his wife of the church, i.e. the church I’m attending) drive the master CD to Tai Po for dubbing.

After a 1-hour nap and a cheerful shower, I go back to studio and attend the practice with Frontline for the CAS2004 Summit Concert. I am excited to experience my internal power in singing, aftering working like a dog. We hope to bring a wonderful performance to the audience on this Sunday!


Blog everyday

Spymac is having upgrade today (?), so I can’t access part of the functions, including my blog page. I’m quite nervous when I load the blog page unsuccessfully, and see there’re 0 entry from the Spymac Tools. I just start blogging days ago, but I really enjoy writing in such style. Comparing to the online diary I used to write, the passage size is cut drastically. I try taking snapshots in daily life, and write concisely. I’m much relaxed to write shorter passage. I don’t need to spend time to plan the message flow and style of writing. I just “write” from my heart.

I believe it could be another stage of writing training to me. Other than writing short and precise, I write in English only. It’s not an easy task in this International website. I write in Chinese mainly in my online diary, since most of my friends there write and read Chinese more often, while some of those will skip all my English entries. I feel uneasy to write English entries there, coz it seems I’m ignoring my friends’ preferences. I’m glad that I don’t have these problems here. And I intentionally keep this blog as low profile as I could… to maintain a personal / private atmosphere for me to write more.

Yes… I enjoy going into the cave for awhile… sometimes…

Blog everyday… would be a good activity to me!

Introducing my lovely cat Toffee to you! She loves to sleep by my side every night. This picture is a bit weird… she’s much beautiful… however I had never seen her like this, I would like to share with you. Later on I’ll post some normal photo of Toffee here. Enjoy!



The classic clock by IKEAI love SPYMAC!
I’m addicted to Blog!!

Except one thing… the time is not for HK. I have to do simple arithmetic to get the right time.

Just a reminder: please add 14 hours to the time for my local time, my friends. Yeah, I won’t blog in office at 03:00!


My digital diary

ProTools session in Vocalese StudioI start blogging @ SPYMAC.

Treating here as my digital diary, mainly for photos and snapshots, since I write online diary at other website for years.

I use my SONY CLIE PEG-TH55 for snapshot. For a-bit-serious photo, I use SONY Cybershot DSC-F505V.

My first blog, introducing my job: recording engineer, and the art of singing: pulse (illustrated in ProTools session screen).