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Desktop assistant: Tea Timer

Facebook expands its territory through social games, and takes more timeslots in our already packed time schedule. Farming, harvesting, building, we’re too busy enjoying ourselves.

I use multiple browser tabs to play several games simultaneously, and the CPU meter shows 100% all the time. Arm rests of my MacBook Pro stay warm in the cold cold office – they warm OLs’ hands and heart, and can be considered as extra benefits. :P

As fans of social game and rabbit Tuzki, my latest pick is TUZKI Milk Mogul. Tuzki, a rabbit who loves milk so much, opens a shop selling dairy products. However, without the help of reminders (like push notification in iOS), dairy products are often rotten. I can’t help but find tools for better “harvest.”

Tea Timer

The MacOS Dashboard Widget is called Tea Timer. Simply type the title and countdown time (hours/minutes/seconds), press start to begin the countdown. You can set the alarm sounds and Growl tips in setting page.

1. Enter the title and countdown time (HH:MM:SS). Press the button on the right to start.

2. Widget starts counting down. Press the icon in the lower right corner to modify settings.

3. Setting: background color

4. Settings: alarm sounds / voice / Growl display / non-stop alarm

5. When the countdown is completed, widget will show the last setting for another countdown.