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Desktop assistant: Tea Timer

Facebook expands its territory through social games, and takes more timeslots in our already packed time schedule. Farming, harvesting, building, we’re too busy enjoying ourselves.

I use multiple browser tabs to play several games simultaneously, and the CPU meter shows 100% all the time. Arm rests of my MacBook Pro stay warm in the cold cold office – they warm OLs’ hands and heart, and can be considered as extra benefits. :P

As fans of social game and rabbit Tuzki, my latest pick is TUZKI Milk Mogul. Tuzki, a rabbit who loves milk so much, opens a shop selling dairy products. However, without the help of reminders (like push notification in iOS), dairy products are often rotten. I can’t help but find tools for better “harvest.”

Tea Timer

The MacOS Dashboard Widget is called Tea Timer. Simply type the title and countdown time (hours/minutes/seconds), press start to begin the countdown. You can set the alarm sounds and Growl tips in setting page.

1. Enter the title and countdown time (HH:MM:SS). Press the button on the right to start.

2. Widget starts counting down. Press the icon in the lower right corner to modify settings.

3. Setting: background color

4. Settings: alarm sounds / voice / Growl display / non-stop alarm

5. When the countdown is completed, widget will show the last setting for another countdown.


(繁體中文) 越界

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監聽級耳筒 SONY MDR-EX1000

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(繁體中文) 抖吓氣

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(繁體中文) 音響師的音效卡

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(繁體中文) When you wish upon a star…

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(繁體中文) iPod Touch

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Come, take off your clothes… I mean CSS!

Weather is so nice today, so let’s take off our clothes… for our websites!

Join us for the fourth annual 2009 festivities of going nude on the web! On April 9th, CSS Naked Day, simply remove all CSS from your website, stripping it entirely of its design.

If you’re WordPress user, you can install WordPress Naked Day Plugin so that it can help you removing your clothes…

So come and join us ripping off CSS today!
Remember to sign the naked day signup form to show to the world~~~


Total service

很多朋友知道我是自由身音樂/音響人,卻不多知道我是唸資訊管理系的。畢業那年主修有關電訊科技的科目,就連 final year project 也是做 WAP development(那年 WAP 才剛剛出 1.0 specification)……

我不多寫有關電訊的文章,因為我不是 gadget people,從來不會追手機追科技。雖然算起來已比一般用戶選用更多的制式 (CDMA, PCS, GSM, 2G, 3G)、服務和手機品牌,但手機五花八門的功能對我來說吸引力不算太大。

我反而看重電訊服務的整體性,由手機、使用者介面 (User Interface)、網絡覆蓋範圍及穩定性,到 backend 提供的額外功能、軟件支援、客戶服務等等,我稱之為 total service。

很少提及這些,因為所有在 backend 的事都不是一般人(如我)可以接觸到的,無論如何表達也像搔不著癢處。

今次忍不住提筆,是因為終於遇到網絡營運商 (operator) 看重 backend development 和手機 UI 的整合,為客戶提供合用且貼心的功能。

SmarTone-Vodafone x

HTC New Generation Touch Cruise™這次的示範機是 HTC New Generation Touch Cruise™,平台為 Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro。朋友都知我是 Palm 死硬派,現役手機是 Palm Treo 650,就連 iPhone 我也不大滿意。不用太多解釋大家都會知道 Windows Mobile 絕不吸引我,但仍然參予這次交流會的原因是 SmarTone-Vodafone 這次更著重 backend 的整合。
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(繁體中文) Punch Party「位位七分鐘唔俾面派對」

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