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Desktop assistant: Tea Timer

Facebook expands its territory through social games, and takes more timeslots in our already packed time schedule. Farming, harvesting, building, we’re too busy enjoying ourselves.

I use multiple browser tabs to play several games simultaneously, and the CPU meter shows 100% all the time. Arm rests of my MacBook Pro stay warm in the cold cold office – they warm OLs’ hands and heart, and can be considered as extra benefits. :P

As fans of social game and rabbit Tuzki, my latest pick is TUZKI Milk Mogul. Tuzki, a rabbit who loves milk so much, opens a shop selling dairy products. However, without the help of reminders (like push notification in iOS), dairy products are often rotten. I can’t help but find tools for better “harvest.”

Tea Timer

The MacOS Dashboard Widget is called Tea Timer. Simply type the title and countdown time (hours/minutes/seconds), press start to begin the countdown. You can set the alarm sounds and Growl tips in setting page.

1. Enter the title and countdown time (HH:MM:SS). Press the button on the right to start.

2. Widget starts counting down. Press the icon in the lower right corner to modify settings.

3. Setting: background color

4. Settings: alarm sounds / voice / Growl display / non-stop alarm

5. When the countdown is completed, widget will show the last setting for another countdown.


(繁體中文) Punch Party「位位七分鐘唔俾面派對」

Sorry, this entry is only available in 简体中文 and 繁體中文.



Sum Shum 心如止水


Broken knee

I have my right knee slightly broken after the district concerts in last weekend.

Friends ask about what’s happening to my knee, and here is the story: Read the rest of this entry »




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Protected: All those good memories (private photo sharing with invited friends)

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To ease your Monday blues


Be patient when you’re downloading the movie through a relatively slow connection, but you’ll find it’s worthy!

Have fun, my friends!



Google's logo of World Cup 2006







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二零零一年九月我參予公司的十三天歐遊旅程九月八日,我們到達法國中西部維埃納省的 Parc du Futuroscope,遊玩了一整天。

今早聽香港電台的晨早新聞天地,知道深圳剛與「未來樂園」簽約,於西麗建設高科技的主題樂園,二零零八年建成。我便連上明報網站看相關報道,卻沒想過「未來樂園」與「迪士尼樂園」齊名。嘩!我覺得 Parc du Futuroscope 好好玩喎!有很多 show control 和 automation,都是讀演藝的那段時間開始接觸然後迷上的。


Come and join me to share the precious moment!







Everyone needs companion, and so do kitten and rooster.

I’m glad that my good friend helps me in translating the Japanese voice-over. For friends who don’t know Japanese like me, the video is about the love story between the kitten and the rooster, while the kitten exercises ninja techniques to get inside the cage to visit the rooster.

Hope the lovely video gives you a nice start in crazily busy days!