Sound Magician

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I start learning live sound reinforcement since 1993. After graduated from HKUST BBA (ISMT), I spent one year studying the Diploma of Technical Arts (Sound Design & Music Recording) in The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. At the same year I practiced in The Church Restaurant, Star East Entertainment Complex as assistant sound engineer, working six hours a day, six days a week, in regular sets and mini-concerts of upcoming singers and superstars in Hong Kong.

Since 2003, I made a great turn, working as freelance recording engineer in several project studios. More than fifteen albums are released in the first three years (portfolio). Besides music production, I recorded for seminars, TV commercials and voice-over for secular pop concerts too. At the same time, I worked as freelance live sound engineer in local churches and performing venues.

Since 2005, I worked full time for music in HKACM as recording engineer, live sound engineer and production supervisor. In the three years’ time, I still worked freelance in recording, sound editing, composing, video scoring and live sound reinforcement in leisure time.

In summer of 2007, I took a further step advancing my engineer’s life. I joined Baron Productions & Artiste Management as Assistant Studio Manager, working with the top producers, composers, lyricists, arrangers, musicians and singers in Hong Kong everyday. Heading students demo projects of 5-day Music Day Camp granted me precious experience in producing songs with students from different music background.

Upon joining Skyhigh Creative Partners in early 2008, I headed up music department, and directed several subordinates in music composition. I even got my first co-write song at17′s〈那天約你上太空〉 published. That is a precious chance in my life, and I thank God for granting me the chances and trainings in all these years.

Now I work in music industry as freelance composer and engineer, focusing in song-writing, commercial scoring, recording, vocal editing, sound system design and installation. I’ll do my best in the new era, and hope you can listen to my songs in near future. Stay tuned.

Come and share my life as audio engineer.
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