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Steamed Milk @ 22:46

So dark inside

Please forgive me. I’m too tired to work, to write, and to think.

Even though I’ve chopped my time schedule into tiny pieces, I won’t have the ability to satisfy all parties’ wants. Dare not to ask for “no blaming”, I just hope I can get the tasks done.

It was just another terrible night. I took shower immediately when I was back to home, then rushed out again to finish another task. It just took me 5 minutes, and it sounds stupid to get on a bus and head back to home. So, I stayed in the streets, blocks following blocks.

Forgive me. In such horrible downside in my life, I really need some Starbucks.

I have my tall steamed skim milk with hazelnut syrup @ 22:46.

Buddies, forgive me if I call / SMS too much. Those were moments I need you so much, much more than you can imagine. Not far from now, I’ll start begging for your hugs and comfort. If the time comes, please do me a favour, pad my forehead, hug me gently, and tell me it will be okay.

Forgive me, I am tired.
Please shut me down.




由於預算頗低,交貨期亦很短,所以要用上部份現成的音樂片段,有些是鼓 loops,結他 loops 和 riffs 等等,自己彈的其實真的不多。

第一晚花了兩小時做了頭兩段過場位,之後花了午飯後的三小時,坐在銅鑼灣 Starbucks 完成之後的兩段過場位和片尾,把音樂檔寄給剪片的朋友後,便回到新伊館繼續第二天的敬拜聚會。


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Crème Brûlée Latte


探戈課後,走在蘭桂坊,男男女女在享受他們的快樂時光,而我,不怎快樂,甚至有點失落。想起那法式甜品的窩心感覺,也許能填內心的空洞感。便獨個兒走進那熟悉的咖啡店,要了一客菠菜芝士批,還有一杯 Grande Crème Brûlée Latte。

這個晚上,心裏容不下 Gingerbread Man。

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20041112 006

走進另一個 terminal,追尋熟悉的味道。新的口味剛推出--那是屬於他的季節。

午休的時候,經過 Crabtree & Evelyn,節日的產品已推出了。很想很想走進店內,為他挑選火紅小擺件。

這時,一直站在 coffee bar 後的 coffee master 告訴我,Gingerbread Latte 剛於今日推出。喝著那個肥肥矮矮的薑餅人咖啡,聽著咖啡店播放的爵士樂,我想起《Sleeplessness In Seattle》。


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