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Learning music


Chatting with a friend tonight after recording session, about teaching musical instrument. He’s a full time musician, a bravo pianist. I’d love to take piano lesson from him. But just like most of his potential students, we don’t start learning becoz of money.

It doesn’t mean music teachers don’t deserve their price. It’s about people thoughts on learning music: it’s a leisure thing, non-income generating activity… and maybe, it’s no fun comparing with other activities, so why should I invest?


The more I involve in music production, the more I respect producers, writers, lyrists, musicians and arrangers. They form a strong team behind the performer. Without their initial investment in music training, you won’t have chance to enjoy music in your leisure time. They pay great efforts, valuable time, and big money to gain techniques and musical sense. They’re all professionals just like physicians and lawyers, and they deserve their price!

Our government is promoting life-time learning to the general public. I believe that we should focus on both knowledge and attitude towards learning, while the latter prevails!

I support you, friend!