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Lazy me

Haven’t blogged for two months.

陳志傑 - �…I’ve been working in studio, office and my home for the past few weeks. The first project is Frontline’s “Love Chronicles”, which will be released next Wednesday. The second project is Anthony Chan’s mandarin version of 《等…》. He is worship leader and vocal coach from San Francisco. The couple comes to Hong Kong in mid September recording vocals at our studio. We spend three weeks to record five songs, composed by him, Peter Kam, Mardoque Silva, Jr. and Schulhoff Tam. It’s excited to work with well-trained and enthusiatic vocalist like Anthony. The interaction between Anthony and Steven Ip (vocal producer and my boss) brings me new horizon upon vocal and producing. Got to work even harder so that I can start learning vocal from Steven.

I work on vocal editing starting from this project. Although Steven wants me to start one year earlier, I’m quite nervous in the new aspect. As the desire of leaving my daytime office work enlarges, I have to increase types of freelance jobs I can take, while vocal editing is a must. When I start working on it, I fall in love with it. I learn to be focused and objective in vocal editing, and I’ve spent seven nights for four songs. Steven approves two songs with some minor alternations only. The other two are waiting for Peter’s approval since Steven flies to San Francisco last week. Hopefully the album will be released at late November.

Upon Steven’s leave, I’m now on vacation on Monday to Wednesday and all nights for three weeks. What should I do in leisure time?

I’m working on merging my blogs into a website. It’s not an easy job, coz I want to add some personal elements and design to the website. Hopefully I can finish this before Steven’s back.

Many friends are flying in these days. Are the air tickets very very affordable?


Frontline 《Love Chronicles》

版權及出版 Frontline Music Limited
意念    葉富生 & Frontline
監製    葉富生
主唱及和唱 Frontline
錄音    Sheta Chow @ Vocalese Studio
聲音剪輯  Wing Ywen @ Vocalese Studio
混音    黎浩然 @ Vocalese Studio
母帶處理  楊我華 @ air studio
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