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Steamed Milk @ 22:46

So dark inside

Please forgive me. I’m too tired to work, to write, and to think.

Even though I’ve chopped my time schedule into tiny pieces, I won’t have the ability to satisfy all parties’ wants. Dare not to ask for “no blaming”, I just hope I can get the tasks done.

It was just another terrible night. I took shower immediately when I was back to home, then rushed out again to finish another task. It just took me 5 minutes, and it sounds stupid to get on a bus and head back to home. So, I stayed in the streets, blocks following blocks.

Forgive me. In such horrible downside in my life, I really need some Starbucks.

I have my tall steamed skim milk with hazelnut syrup @ 22:46.

Buddies, forgive me if I call / SMS too much. Those were moments I need you so much, much more than you can imagine. Not far from now, I’ll start begging for your hugs and comfort. If the time comes, please do me a favour, pad my forehead, hug me gently, and tell me it will be okay.

Forgive me, I am tired.
Please shut me down.