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Sorry for keep you waiting… (if there’re really some people waiting…)

As Carrie said, I’m very busy in these weeks, for we’re going to deliever a music production for a male CCM singing group “Believers” of Shatin Baptist Church. Now we’re at the final stage of recording, entering the post-production stage. I have to edit at least 5 songs within one week. Hopefully I can deliver good vocal tracks. Please pray for the project, producer Steven Ip, recording and editing engineer Sheta, and mixing engineer Ka-wah. Pray for our health, spirit and good judgment.

I got many inspirations in these days, and I’m developing several stories and passages in my mind. Moreover I’ll start a blog in graphic design, and planning to work on my first personal website integrating several blogs together. (Thanks John for giving me inspiration about blogging!) I hope to bring deeper understanding and new horizons to my friends and readers (if really any).

Do visit here often, for new blogs keep coming. It’s nice to hear from all of you, so please kindly leave notes / messages / comments / praises to me. Haha~



Words Unspoken

20010911 026 Evian @ Travel Bus前路被大霧圍繞,坐在公車裏,從這錄音室趕到那錄音室,又是一個寒冷的晚上。




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Sheta and the sea

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回家的路很冷。跟爸爸媽媽吃晚飯,又喝了兩杯。 Read the rest of this entry »


Meeting old friends

Frontline’s “Love Chronicles” is released for 1 month. Have you bought it, my friend? I really want to share with all of you, since we’ve spent so many months in the project, working really hard in recording booth, recording studio, my little audio workstation at home, mastering studio, CD pressing factory, printing factory, member’s home, on the phone… the music production becomes the core of my life for the past 10 months. Friends say they know a bit more about me when they listen to the CD, and I hope you can enjoy the music with us!

Frances & Sheta @ CWB 和民居酒屋After the release, we’re all busying meeting old friends, sharing our laugh and tears during the production period. Yesterday night Ivor and I invite Frances Chiu dinner at CWB. Frances is a Christian singer-songwriter in HK. She has released three solo albums: 《一個人》(1998), 《Overdos》(2000) and 《Vanilla Me》(2003). We have great time there, sharing nice cuisine and chat on music and life. We talk about the Christian music market and ministry too. Read the rest of this entry »




步近一點  林海倫

作曲 譚思雄
作詞 甄燕鳴
編曲 譚思雄

不惜一切 受痛苦愛得徹底
輕撫你十架釘痕 為罪人在所不計
終於醒覺 沒有誰能像你般愛我
不只塗抹我差錯 分分秒體恤援助

自我的不羈必須放棄 無故不斷逃避
讓我看清楚固執的我 慈愛不可再躲

步近步近一點 沒法掩飾心抖顫
原諒昨天令你心酸 真愛歷遍考驗
是你是你聲音 讓我指尖都溫暖
疑慮內疚消散無存 神讓我身心盡完全

棄掉以前 就似殘破的碎片
新姿態面對將來 舊裂痕莫再糾纏
靠著真理 耐性期盼是愛的印記
遮掩錯願意包容 愛是恆久不止息

自我的不羈立志放棄 常對付未逃避
讓我看清楚固執的我 慈愛不可再躲

步近步近一點 讓你消解心抖顫
原諒昨天令你心酸 真愛歷遍考驗
是你喚我聲音 讓我指尖都溫暖
疑慮內疚消散無存 神讓我身心盡完全

You’re the one I adore, stepping closer to you
I know it’s true, you have seen me through
You’re the one whom my love
With all of my heart

是你喚我聲音 讓我指尖都溫暖
疑慮內疚消散無存 往事飄遠 此刻是完全





Lazy me

Haven’t blogged for two months.

陳志傑 - �…I’ve been working in studio, office and my home for the past few weeks. The first project is Frontline’s “Love Chronicles”, which will be released next Wednesday. The second project is Anthony Chan’s mandarin version of 《等…》. He is worship leader and vocal coach from San Francisco. The couple comes to Hong Kong in mid September recording vocals at our studio. We spend three weeks to record five songs, composed by him, Peter Kam, Mardoque Silva, Jr. and Schulhoff Tam. It’s excited to work with well-trained and enthusiatic vocalist like Anthony. The interaction between Anthony and Steven Ip (vocal producer and my boss) brings me new horizon upon vocal and producing. Got to work even harder so that I can start learning vocal from Steven.

I work on vocal editing starting from this project. Although Steven wants me to start one year earlier, I’m quite nervous in the new aspect. As the desire of leaving my daytime office work enlarges, I have to increase types of freelance jobs I can take, while vocal editing is a must. When I start working on it, I fall in love with it. I learn to be focused and objective in vocal editing, and I’ve spent seven nights for four songs. Steven approves two songs with some minor alternations only. The other two are waiting for Peter’s approval since Steven flies to San Francisco last week. Hopefully the album will be released at late November.

Upon Steven’s leave, I’m now on vacation on Monday to Wednesday and all nights for three weeks. What should I do in leisure time?

I’m working on merging my blogs into a website. It’s not an easy job, coz I want to add some personal elements and design to the website. Hopefully I can finish this before Steven’s back.

Many friends are flying in these days. Are the air tickets very very affordable?


Simple or complicated?

I come across problems in piano lesson.

One of those is “Pressing a key should be an easy thing!”

Is it?

My teacher says yes, and my body says no.

My brain understands all his words, but my body refuses to follow.

It’s just like programmed in my brain decades ago.

The second is “The way I play is too mechanical… without emotion.”
Ahh… he’s good in observation.

Just too silent when I hear his words… I can hardly respond…
But I can’t hide from him. I admit, the day I decide to take piano lessons, I’ve enough preparation that in someday I’ll come across this problem.

Just never thought this would be in the 4th lesson.

And yes, it’ll never be wrong of having emotion as a human being.

Talking with a friend at night. I’ve spent hours digging in the issue when I’m on the way home. I try to describe that complicated scenario I’m facing. Then she says, “it can be an easy thing to solve: just out it into God’s hands, then don’t worry, but just trust God.”

Thank God that I haven’t started thinking of the solution. But You have given me the solution directly. It’s just that simple! Fingers down the keys with the help of gravity!!

Introduce to you kitten “Ah Gill”. He’s kept by a studio I maintained. “Ah Gill” is a girl name, since his masters don’t know he’s a boy!


My cave

Sheta @ CAS2004Spymac’s blog is my cave.

I feel safe to face myself through blogging, since I’ve told only two girls about this website. They’re closed friends of mine and I know they understand me so much. Then I write whatever I want to write. Of course I understand this is an open area in the web… I know this many many years ago, since I start web surfing – there’re no real privacy in web. However, Spymac is not popular (or even being heard) in my friends’ circle, and it’s a bit technologically difficult for them to join, even they know its existence. As a result, I choose here as my cave.

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Writing blog everyday…
I’m unsuccessful!

Meeting the deadline for music productions to be published in CAS2004, our studio is extremely busy in the past couples of weeks. Due to the unsatisfactory progress, Frontline’s 2nd album “Love Chronicles” will be delayed. However, we’ll publish one song in CAS2004 sampler CD. On the other hand, we’re working on “Crying Emmisary” of Koinonia Christian Church. The original date of publish is CAS2003. Luckily, we finish the mastering yesterday after a 1-year delay.

HHB CDR74 Gold for master productionNever be unlucky like yesterday: we’ve dubbed the master disc for three times due to different kinds of problem. Including the time of dubbing and monitoring, we spend 6 hours in total, listening to 6 songs + 6 MMOs. Including the recording and mixing sessions, the producer and I have listened to the songs for at least hundreds times. We are too tired, so Steven suggests to play any game so that the loser have to go into the studio and monitor the final master. Of course, it’s a joke only. After working for 23 hours, the master is finished, and the clients (pastor and his wife of the church, i.e. the church I’m attending) drive the master CD to Tai Po for dubbing.

After a 1-hour nap and a cheerful shower, I go back to studio and attend the practice with Frontline for the CAS2004 Summit Concert. I am excited to experience my internal power in singing, aftering working like a dog. We hope to bring a wonderful performance to the audience on this Sunday!