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Black Friday

My friend John told me it’s Black Friday in US now. Definitely not about 13 November, but the Friday after thanksgiving holiday, while retail stores’ account turn from red to black today because of all kinds of crazy sales after thanksgiving holiday.

He sent me some newspapers’ scanning about those crazy sales ad. I found there’re some items’ price tagged $0 after rebate. Great deal! Retail stores open at 6:00 in the morning, and he said he’ll queue outside there at 6:30. It’s just unbelievable, until I watch Bloomberg tonight.

I learnt from the Bloomberg that stores are giving less discounts this year, and they expect a drop in sales on Black Friday. People are quite conservative in spending money, because of the ever-changing oil price tag.

Web stores are getting the highest traffic in this week, since customers are all busy checking price on the web. Next Monday, called “Cyber Monday”, the web stores are expecting increase in sales volume after the “Black Friday effect”.

I wish I can be there, buying a piece or two affordable electronic devices and audio gears in good deal. On the other hand, I’m glad I’m not there, for it saves my pocket.

Having watching Bloomberg for an hour, it brings me back the days studying business and marketing. Good old days!

Last and importantly, I’m glad to know that I don’t have problem watching English-speaking TV programmes. Thanks to “The Apprentices”, “The Amazing Race”, “The Rebel Billionaire: Branson’s Quest for the Best”, “Nip/Tuck”, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” and “Lost”. :D





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我是小小陳綺貞歌迷,Ad Eaters 在港舉行時也參予過這廣告嘉年華會,所以這次決定過大海看 show 去。由於星期六家裏做節的關係,我會看星期日那兩場,初步打算留澳一晚,星期一吃喝玩樂過後回港。星期日音樂會之前,當然也是吃喝玩樂喇!有興趣同行的話就找我喇!




二月至三月,每天每夜都在趕錄音。雖然白天不需要上班,但晚上的錄音工作卻耗盡精力心神。而且每晚回家已是深夜,精神卻仍在亢奮狀態,需要數個小時 unwind 自己,偶爾看看電郵,跟朋友們 YM 一下,聽點輕音樂才能進睡。

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晚上,坐在麥金塔面前,整理電話簿,還把各 Instant Messenger 的 contact list 來個大整合,花了很長很長的時間。沒有了《海豚灣戀人》,慣性的在 iTunes 選了個 playlist。








方中信 FONG Chung Shun, a famous actor in HKAfter the music camp and holiday on Monday, I go back to work this afternoon. Not much tasks to do as usual. I browse the web all the time, chatting with friends on MSN.

After dinner at home, I start to read a novel borrowed from a friend. It’s 亦舒《朝花夕拾》. I’ve heard this title for decades. Once I start reading, I can’t stop. The author writes romance novel, however, she always add scientific elements to the stories. This is a story of year 2035. The other attractive point is that the male main character is called 方中信 (pronounced as FONG Chung Shun), which the actor takes this name after performing in the movie… and he’s one of my favorite actors in HK!!! It provides me a solid image of the character of novel. After 2.5 hours, I finish the novel with a few teardrops.

Tomorrow is holiday!!! I’ll watch VCDs and go swimming.

Leisure time is so valuable~ \^O^/